Wednesday, June 28, 2017

. Bucket List (summer 2k17 edition) .

It's officiallyyy S U M M E R! Yassss !! And we're having wild wild thoughts * cues dj khaled * 

 Honestly summer is the best time of the year , but I must admit it's not my favorite time of the year. But to share my appreciation for cute boys , teeny tiny bikinis , ice cream , and sun block ,  I put together a list of fun things to check off your summer bucket list.   

1. A walk in the park or even taking a hike is always fun. Grab your girls, or your bae, and hit the trail. Nothing is more relaxing than taking a stroll surrounded by great people. You can even make it a requirement to stop in between to take selfies. Just be careful stay away from poison ivy.

2. You can host a GNO ( girls night out) sleepover ! As a little girl that was one of my favorite things to do. I mean who would pass up on a night to enjoy all the junk food you want and gossip about boys?Not me! So don't forget to add me to your RSVP list. Grab some old magazines, your netflix subscription , and everybody puts 5 or more dollars towards the pizza. What could go wrong ?

3. Game Night and Drinks. Did I hear someone say drunk UNO or strip poker?!  Game night is a perfect way to take advantage of a rainy day. Nothing ruins your Saturday night faster than a thunderstorm. Make your Saturday night the highlight of your weekend by taking it a step further and create your own games or put a few twists on old classics like rock, paper, scissors, DRINK.
 (alcohol is optional)

4. Have a spa day. Relax from the stresses of the week and enjoy a facial using ingredients you already have at home. You can find recipes for 7 quick and easy facials  HERE

5. Museum's are always fun and interesting , better yet sometimes they're FREE. Check with your local museum and see what special exhibits are currently be hosted.

6. Make a dream/vision board grab some old magazines a pair of scissors , and get to work. Making a dream board can be a ton of fun , and it'll help you revisit a old or current dream/vision. You will be able to sort your ideas out in front of you and organize them. Take it a step further by creating a checklist the more you check off the closer you will be to reaching your goal.

7. Bake something I haven't met anyone who doesn't like cupcakes or cookies *yummy*

8.Road Trip anyone ?! I haven't seen half of the 50 states , and I don't know anyone who has been to all 50 states. One of my ultimate lifetime goals is to make a friend in every state. I call shotgun!!

9. Rooftop Bar's have become all the rage , and I can see why. I love going to NYC and being able to see the skyline and watching the sunset all while sipping on a cool beverage. Hit up yelp and find a rooftop bar nearest you.

10. Amusement Park  I'm from New Jersey and going to Dorney Park or Six Flags is definitely a telltale sign of the summer. Have your boo win you a giant stuffed animal that you'll have for years to come. Put on your swimsuit, put your hair in a ponytail, rock some cutoff denim shorts and a crop top and you'll be ready for the perfect date.

 If you have any ideas that aren't listed here be sure to add them in the comment section below, also feel free to drop selfies of you & your friends enjoying summer !

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