Sunday, July 2, 2017

#G I R L C R U S H


I first fell in love with Sza back in 2012, with her raspy voice, carelessness, and ability to always serve black girl magic anytime, anywhere. Its been a while since my generation has had someone as talented as she is. Sza is a soulful queen who is not afraid to speak her mind. As I was writing this piece it was hard to find someone to compare her to. She's in a lane of her own that she created. Her much anticipated debut studio album CTRL is everything that girls my age need to hear. It sheds light on relationship issues, that were once considered taboo as noted on track #6.
 The Weekend can be seen as a song of empowerment for women who may find themselves playing the "side chick" role. Now can I be real for a second ? Can I really get honest with you ladies for a second? At some point in your dating career you may find yourself being the side chick, whether it was planned or not. Honestly speaking I've played both roles ( I can explain at a later time). The Weekend helps you come to an understanding, an acceptance, and there is nothing wrong with that. The next track that stands out to me a lot is #7. Go Gina is definitely an upbeat song, something you can listen to after a long day of work, while looking forward to the weekend, or just when you want to convince yourself that you deserve to let your hair down and get wild for the night. Sza's album will take you on some highs and some lows. Giving Pop Indie, and melodic Trap R &B vibes. Sza definitely earned her spot on the music charts and in our hearts.

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