Friday, March 16, 2018


I know why you're here , you heard my mans cheated now you want all the details.

Keep reading sis ...

So boom I was dating this guy or whatever and it was a true love story. He a scammer I'm a  health care medical professional . A power couple sis. It was lit. We was together for two years with our 3 year anniversary coming up. He always took me out , always bought me stuff met the family all that. Both of our favorite rapper is Nas , he from QB pj's and so is my man like, I knew it couldn't have been nobody but fate who brought us together like come on who was gonna stop us ?

So one day I'm driving to work and I see my mans car parked in front of my friends house. I knew it was his car because it had the same dent in the back of it and on top of that I have the license plate number. So keep in mind my man is from New York his family moved to Jersey but he doesn't know anyone from Jersey. So what would he have been doing over there ? So now my mind is racing , I'm speeding , I'm contemplating pulling up to my friends crib and finding out what's going on. I get to work and tell my co-workers what's going on trying to get some advice. They all pretty much tell me the same thing Jackie you're crazy, just talk to him they said. I try to tell myself its nothing , he's a good guy he would never. His word is bond , and can't nothing break that because he one of the realest.

I go in the bathroom on my lunch break and I start crying, I hear my manger knocking on the door to find out if everything is ok. I tell her yea and I'll be out in a second. As I start washing my hands I check my reflection and immediately think, "weak bitch". After my shift I took the long way home so I can talk to him and possibly pull up if necessary you feel me. So I'm like hey siri call Tony baby , I could have sworn I heard siri say who that ? But again I could be wrong. So I dial his number 9seven3..six8ohh..the phone starts ringing and I get the voicemail. Alright no big deal call back, after the 10th call I'm through with him. I get home I throw out everything he ever bought me. Once I laid down my phone starts ringing. What I do ? I jumped up sis like somebody said next in line. I hear his voice and my insides melt like a vanilla chi candle on a stormy winter night. My heart starts racing, bracing for the impact of his lies because I knew that was his car. So he telling me shawty you're crazy why would I even be over there , I was in the house all day ask my muva. He puts his mother on the phone I feel like a idiot. His mother reassured me he hasn't been out the house since coming home from the hospital ( he has epilepsy). Now I feel real dumb he gets back on the phone and now I gotta apologize for accusing him of lying. He says its cool shawty we both know you crazy. We make plans to link the next day. I call out of work because I wasn't about to lose my man to a 9-5 shift , and I needed answers face to face. I get to his house and I'm nervous. He takes really long to open the door , and I tell myself chill out enjoy this day off. His finally opens the door and I ask him what's took so long. He says he didn't hear the doorbell.

A hour went by , and I'm getting sleepy. He tells me to go upstairs and lay down he'll be up in a second. I fall asleep but grandma always taught me never sleep too hard cause you never know when you gotta fuck some shit up and nobody ever won a fight half asleep. So I take heed , I doze off. I wake up to a closet door being open , and baby I don't play with no boogie man so I get up and put my shoes on. I run down stairs , as I'm running I remember this isn't my house and I should mind my manners. As I'm approaching the first floor from the stairs I see my man talking to somebody its a little dark so I can't tell who it is. So I get down on the floor like its a fire drill STOP DROP ROLL bitch hidden dragon crouching tiger real jackie chan. I press my face to the floor so I hear what's going on. All I hear is my man saying you gotta leave now bro if she wake up its over. So now I go into a attack mode like obviously he's talking to a girl she's here I'm here he don't want no smoke.

I fly down stairs now I'm face to face with the girl. My eye twitching, my palms real sweaty. I say wus gud babe I thought you was coming upstairs who is this bro? He like ayo shawty chill out this my baby mother. I pass the fuck out. Like legit pass out EMT about to show up everything. This young man never mentioned he had a baby mother or a real kid. He told me about his god daughter but always denied it being his actual child. Now I'm mad and I'm asthmatic not a good combo. I'm asking God if this gonna be my last breath let me pop on both of them. I get up and I stat swinging. They both trying to calm me down , his mother jumps out like roaarr you on candid camera. Now I'm HOT because she old I can't knock her out I would feel real bad. So after they calm me down they scream this is his older sister and to calm down. My face is stone cold serious , I can't keep playing these  games. His "sister" hugs me and says she's sorry . She introduces herself. I knew he had a sister but I never knew her name. How convenient right?  I'm tight because he always playing pranks on me. Now I'm confused as to what's the truth. I grab my stuff and leave. He runs out the house after me. Saying he's sorry it was a joke and I need to chill. I didn't turn back around.

                                                                                                           XoxO VirtuousGirl


  1. Loveeeee it. Great read. Any man that “jokes” like that wasn’t worth it anyway.

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  3. Love this, not crouching tiger hidden dragon though. LOL. I can't. But your instincts were probably right, that nigga was cheating and of course they momma gonna lie for her son. That's what they do.