Friday, May 18, 2018

noun girl·friend \ ˈgər(-ə)l-ˌfrend \

Girlfriend, Girlfran, or Sis .. is the question !?

according to urban dictionary  a girlfriend is
(n.) the greatest thing a man could ever experience or 
(n.) the most painful thing a man could ever experience. 

Now I don't know about you but that seems about accurate to me. In girl world there are several ways for us to communicate and most importantly express ourselves. today I'm going to break down and decode some frequently used terms of endearments.

Girlfriend (n.) a good friend , maybe someone you went to school with or you ladies may hang out occasionally , you may text or call every now and again. can also be a significant other.  
EX : my girlfriends are planning to throw me a birthday party.
he proposed to his girlfriend last weekend.
syn : old ldy , gal pal , beloved 

Girlfrannnn (n.) often said with heavy emphasizes on the " fraaaaannn". aka bestfrannn ! 
often used when referring to your best gal pal. girlfran ranks number two on the social scale of  hierarchy needs. 
EX : hey girrrrlfraaan !! 
go bestfran ! go bestfran !
syn: favorite , honey, best

Sis (n.) your right hand man , your go to gal. your ride or die. the one person you would travel to the moon and back for besides family. for ya sis you STAN ! don't get it twisted sis can also be used to indicate SHADE !  but for the most part anybody I call sis is near and dear to my heart. 
EX : my good sis always comes through with the hook up !
syn: homie, bffl, 

What's your favorite slang word to describe your girl friends ?


  1. Sis is def my top fave to use, for both shade and a term of endearment, or my way of starting my gossip lol.
    Great piece, sis.

  2. I def agree sis is my absolute favorite word to use for both shade and endearment . You know the gossip is going to be juicy when you get hit with that sisssss text LMAO !

  3. I definitely use sis more than anything else. It’s short, easy and to the point, but not to be used with everyone. Everyone ain’t your sis!!! Love this piece!!